Hello Francois,

FP> That remind me a site where a bluecoat system was installed. Bluecoat was
FP> configured to scan for virus any file passing thru, even zipped files which
FP> where unzipped. unfortunately Bluecoat failed with a certain size of file
FP> and as seen from the user, the transfer failed. Once that Bluecoat feature
FP> was turned off, everything went OK.

The first thing that I asked the user to do is to disable all
firewalls and antiviruses, it didn't help. Anyway, we still don't
understand why only ICS 7 affected by this issue. Is it possible that
there was a change between V5 and V7 in other dependant files (not
FTPCli) that could lead to this problem?

FP> You have to click on the TypeSet button which send the command to the FTP
FP> server with the checkbox value as parameter.
FP> Same as you have to do by code !

Really cool stuff, if you know how to use it, but give it to somebody
else and his brain will boil from confusion! The absence of any manual
for it makes a kind of guarantee that the user will be satisfied with
this puzzle ;-)

Best regards,
 Antol                            mailto:spama...@mail.ru

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