Hello Francois,

OK,  after  another  series of tests it turned out that I have no idea
what the problem is. The user could find out that:

-  using  a passive connection  to transfer any file of a certain size
(maybe  larger  than  38Mb but maybe 37.9999Mb) causes a failure under
unknown  conditions (the ftp client hangs).

I sent your OverbyteIcsFtpTst.exe from the 7th version package to test
it on that damn computer and it also fails. Besides, it seems to have
a bug: there seems to be no way to initiate binary transfer. It always
opens ASCII transfer, even if binary checkbox is checked:

< 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for ocb.exe

Thursday, February 3, 2011, 11:03:36 PM, you wrote:

FP>> Is it confirmed that the server actually send the 226 answer and this is
FP>> lost because the client doesn't see it ?

>> By the moment the software was tested with 2 servers, and the behavior
>> is  the  same.  We could think that the router is the problem, but the
>> only unexplained thing remained is why ICS5 works...

FP> I understood that, but nevertheless, I would like to confirm the server send
FP> the 226 answer when the download is done. It is possible that something is
FP> wrong at the closing of the data connection and so the server never send his
FP> 226 status, or the server send it but ICS doesn't get it.

FP> So before continuing with guessing, I would like to know the answer to my
FP> question, because this is the next thing I would check myself if I had that
FP> problem.

FP> You said you reproduced the issue with your own server being interrogated,
FP> so it should be easy for you to spy on the network at your own server and
FP> see if the 226 answer is properly sent with his ending CR/LF.

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