OK,  after  another  series of tests it turned out that I have no idea
what the problem is. The user could find out that:

-  using  a passive connection  to transfer any file of a certain size
(maybe  larger  than  38Mb but maybe 37.9999Mb) causes a failure under
unknown  conditions (the ftp client hangs).

That remind me a site where a bluecoat system was installed. Bluecoat was configured to scan for virus any file passing thru, even zipped files which where unzipped. unfortunately Bluecoat failed with a certain size of file and as seen from the user, the transfer failed. Once that Bluecoat feature was turned off, everything went OK.

I sent your OverbyteIcsFtpTst.exe from the 7th version package to test
it on that damn computer and it also fails. Besides, it seems to have
a bug: there seems to be no way to initiate binary transfer. It always
opens ASCII transfer, even if binary checkbox is checked:

You have to click on the TypeSet button which send the command to the FTP server with the checkbox value as parameter.
Same as you have to do by code !

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