> I  unplugged the network cable from the router and plugged it 
> directly to   notebook.  The  notebook  doesn't  have  antivirus 
> and firewall software.
> Now,  when  I  upload  the  file using FTP SSL, FileZilla has the 
> same problem with directory listing hangup.

Upload to what server, where?  Your own, on your own LAN?  Or behind
another firewall, like mine?  Are you using NAT on both client and server,
or do both have public IP addresses?  

FTP always has problems with firewalls and NAT routers, due to data
connections being opened on random ports, with the IP address and port
being listed on the control channel using the PORT and PASV commands.  

Firewalls and routers have to 'read' the control channel to either open
the data port specified, or for NAT to 'modify' the command to change the
IP address from internal or external, or vice versa.  

With SSL, the control channel is encrypted so the firewall can not read
the PORT or PASV commands and so can not automatically open the ports and
translate IP addresses.  Some FTP clients like FileZilla, and some FTP
servers try to get around this by using the external IPs instead of the
internal ones, but ICS does not do this automatically. 

I will look at getting SSL working on ics.ftptest.org, but I need to
change the FTP server to restrict the data ports used, and open those on
the firewall, and I'm too busy until later next week. 

> Unfortunately, I couldn't upload to ics.ftptest.org, it says
> Error 501 Permission denied.

I did say in the original email that anonymous is read only, uploading
needs an account.   Y

> The following servers don't seem to like anonymous users. At least I
> cannot log in.

They all need the same account, and some may not be running all the time,
for instance Microsoft FTP Server has no hacking protection so people
will attempt hundreds of thousands of passwords.  My servers are targets
for heavy hacking, hundreds of attempts to break by firewall last week.  


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