marius gabi wrote:
> I have updated the SslHandshakeDone(Sender: TObject;  ErrCode: Word;
> PeerCert: TX509Base; var Disconnect: Boolean); event as you mentioned
> and I used SslVerifyDepth = 15 and  
> for I := 0 to TCustomSslWSocket(Sender).SslCertChain.Count -1 do
>     TCustomSslWSocket(Sender).SslCertChain[I].SaveToPemFile('cert' +
> IntToStr(I) + '.pem'); 
> The first thing I noticed is that only one certificate is saved and
> this one is the one from the very top of chain (the CA for all
> sub_CAs – the one that I posted earlier, you can find it attached).  
> Please advice

One certificate is not enough, did you set "OK := 1;" in OnSslVerifyPeer event?
Arno Garrels
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