Florian Hector wrote:
> I would like to implement a new feature into one of my applications where I 
> can ask for a status
> through a (VPN)network connection, kind of like Nagios does. Or maybe even 
> build functionality into
> it so that it can be queried by Nagios.
> Which methods/components should I go with?

There are different options. You can use a basic TCP socket server in line
mode with a custom protocol like

Client> get database status
Server> database status OK
Client> get processing status
Server> processing status ERROR

which can be integrated into Nagios-compatible tools with the "check_tcp"
plugin [1]. The "OverbyteIcsTcpSrv.dpr" ICS demo might be helpful as a
starting point here.

Another option would be to integrate a HTTP server component which returns
application status as a HTML page. This allows you to make quick checks
with a browser and you easily can add authentication e.g. by enabling HTTP
digest auth. Integration into Nagios-like tools can be done with the
"check_http" plugin [2]. The "OverbyteIcsWebServ.dpr" ICS demo might be
helpful if you want to explore in that direction.

BTW: I am using Icinga [3] for monitoring which is compatible to Nagios


[1] http://nagios-plugins.org/doc/man/check_tcp.html
[2] http://nagios-plugins.org/doc/man/check_http.html
[3] http://www.icinga.org/

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