Hi  Angus
   Thank you for your replay.
   In OverbyteICSTcpSrv.dpr, I can not set LineEnd to #FA, if I set to #FA ,it 
change to #0 auto.
  I have turn off LineMode, when I send "FA 0A 02 FF AA 55 01 00 B3 06" HEX 
string by client, the server can not receive any thing.

What can I do?  Thanks

                               sun xiao

At 2016-12-29 17:15:00, "Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd" 
<an...@magsys.co.uk> wrote:
>> I found OverbyteICSTcpSrv.dpr can achieve my need. but it 
>> only recieve string include #13#10. How can I deal with ?
>Turn off LineMode and receive one character at a time, checking them
>one at a time until you've got enough.
>You have to understand the protocol to process it properly.  
>In the worst case, you can use a timer to assume to packet has been
>received when nothing new has arrived for x milliseconds, although
>there is then a risk of two packets being received together. 
>If this is GPS, I have a component that understands some protocols. 
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