yes, the conditional postproc is enabled by adding the target between brackets, 
like in my example (html). This way if you want to remove the special marks for 
a LaTeX output, add this for example:
%!postproc(tex): '\{\{\{warning' ' '

About adding this particular option to txt2tags, it would probably be useful 
only for html, and I don't think it would be accepted, especially when we can 
use pre or postproc to add those features.

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On 26/05/12 14:15, Forgeot Eric wrote:
> I think you can use something like this to achieve your effect:
> %!postproc(html): '\{\{\{warning (.*?)$' '<p class="warning">\1</p>'
> The only problem I see so far is that it will add a double < p >

Yes I could do this but is there any way to do a conditional postproc? 
Otherwise I am limiting myself to HTML output.  That's why I think it
would make sense as a language feature because it is cross-target.

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