let's discuss a bit on the txt2tags logo.

There are already several logos flying around.

There is the dots on the green background: 
http://www.txt2tags.org/img/t2tgems.png (1)

The colored dots: http://www.txt2tags.org/img/t2tpowered.png (2)

There were also some researches there: 
http://wiki.txt2tags.org/uploads/t2t-logo-ideas.png (3)

And there too: http://wiki.txt2tags.org/uploads/test_t2t_path3871d.png (4)

I like (1) the most. It's quite "historical" (probably one of the first logos), 
and I find the green background has a quite strong identity. The problem is 
it's too wide, and it doesn't fit for example for a file manager icon, or a 

I like the colored dots (2) less. Given the style used, I guess it was the 
first logo. The colors are quite too brigh, it's too complicated with many 
colors I think.

There are some ideas with (3), but I personally prefer with the green 
reference, and the elliptic dot. Also with too many details it becomes 

I also think it's good too have a logo which is both great in color and in 

Therefore I propose to simplify a bit (4), by removing the outline. Here is a 
new version with 3 variations:


You probably recognised the glider, hackers' logo. With several "hands", it 
also reminds a bit of Octus, txt2tags' mascott. (We could also make the "legs" 

Please tell me what you think.

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