I finally managed to get txt2tags to work with javascript!

You can see it there:


It's not very clean, because I'm using this on top of a markdown parser 
(showdown), but it's good enough to be implemented for example for comments on 
a website, until someone make a better js converter :)

It's possible to get parsed an external t2t file, as you can see there: 

(the source: http://wiki.txt2tags.org/demos/txt2tagsjs/test.t2t )

This should work correctly: 
- headings 
- beautifulers (**bold**, //italic//, --strike-- and __underline__) 
- Pre-Formatted Text, blockquote, code
- lists 
 - comments
This doesn't work at all: 
- macros 
- preprocessor (preproc / postproc
- 3 lines header  
This could be improved: 
- Tables 
(it seems difficult to parse)
- definition lists 
(only the title is supported)
- links (I still get some errors when multiple links are on the same line but 
we should find a solution soon) 
- images (additions such as centering images, otherwise it works ok) 
- some ordered **sublists** will be turned to unordered lists when you mix both 
- we should finish to remove all specific markdown syntax, if possible


ps : as a bonus, there is this markdown to txt2tags converter, which is also 
based on showdown: 
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