On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Nemo, the Bus Captain wrote:

> Ohhhh, now my head hurts.  I was feeling very comfortable with the top
> port (on the right of the carb) attaching to the advance on the dizzy.
> And the other vacuum port attaching to the lower one (on the left of
> the carb).
> My concern all along is that there is this other port, which appears
> to be vacuum and is currently capped off, below the air cleaner
> assembly on the thing that connects the two carbs.  Now I'm not sure
> that even the advance vacuum line is correct.


You left out the first part of the first sentence of my mail to you ...

> > I don't own a dual carb bus, never have, but the theory of the vac
> > advance/retard distributor is...

Alas, the position of the various ports on various carbs is a very
carb-specific matter :-(  Since I have not owned a bus like yours, I can't
say for sure which port does what on your carbs.

> Steve, I guesss first I need to know whether port or manifold connects
> to the advance on the dizzy.

Vacuum advance connects to ported vacuum.

>  I really do not want to buy a vacuum guage.  Maybe I will have to.

Ray, I strongly suggest you do!  They have all sorts of uses on a bus.  At
this point in time, my recommendation is that you go out and buy a
mity-vac at your flaps.  They are less than $20 and include not only a
gauge, but a vacuum pump.  The vacuum pump is very useful for bleeding
your brakes, the gauge will let you tune and check your engine.  A very
useful all-'round tool!

> Anyone have a stock dual solex setup that can take a look at there
> carbs and dizzy for me?

The ideal solution!!!  Please, someone with stock dual carbs, go and have
a look!  I would go out to Springfield and take some pics of Barry's '72,
but I promised my boss I would come in to work today, even tho it is a

                           Steve Dolan

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