On 1/31/06, Walter Vaughan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> We are looking extremely hard at moving our company to an MRP/DM vertical
> solution written to run on the UniVerse platform. Our internal staff has 
> dozens
> of years experience with filePro, mySQL, PHP, perl... yet we have no 
> experience
> among the four of us working with UniVerse or any MultiValued/Pick DBMS.
> The whole concept doesn't scare us since it appears to be a mashing together 
> of
> a lot of concepts that we already are familiar with.
> What about the newbies? Don't we get any love? I have went through every 
> google
> term I could think of to come up with a simple "This is how you get started 
> with
> a UniVerse". I have installed the personal editions and have the server 
> running,
> but I have no clue as to really creating a database, defining a table, 
> inserting
> data into a record, retrieving data from a record, and applying business logic
> to fields.
> Is there not a "UniVerse for Dummies" website? Our sales rep asked his
> programmer and he said, "I learned it 20 years ago, I don't know how you would
> learn it today."

Hi Walter -- this might not get as deep as you need, but it is a place to start.

It is a set of flashcards turned into web presentations (the
javascript isn't quite right yet, so be sure to go through all three
sets, perhaps returning to this url for each one).  The first one is
an Overview of MultiValue, the second is about MultiValue Data and the
third is about the command environment.  After these, take a look at
either documentation on the U2 web site or possibly at
http://jes.com/pb/index.html to get an overview of DataBASIC before
diving in.

> I have 23 and 28 year old programers that will have to live with this solution
> for the next 20 years. They're bright, but in order to get them excited about
> this platform I need to let them experiment.
> Any website pointers will be appreciated.

You and/or your programmers might also enjoy my blog.  You could start with


and work forward.  Enjoy.  --dawn

Dawn M. Wolthuis
Tincat Group, Inc.

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