Hi John,
You do have several options, depending on your company's needs.
1) purge
2) convert the file to 64 bit so it can grow over 2 gigs (modify uvconfig 
64BIT_FILES parameter and then resize the file with the "64BIT" option.  (see 
UniVerse User Reference and Administering UniVerse documents from Rocket)
3) convert to a multi-part file.  This allows you to break up a file based on 
an i-descriptor, but I couldn't find details during my quick search.  It would 
be the most complicated to implement of the three, if it hasn't been deprecated 
by Rocket.


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I inherited a system running UniVerse over windows 2003 Server.

I have a history file that seems corrupt. It's just over 2 gigs in size (The 
problem I believe) and fixfile and uvfixfile won't work on it.

I'm thinking the size of the file needs to shrink a bit before I can do 
anything with it. Thoughts?

John Varney
Integra Life Sciences

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