That license does not mean "production of code"
Rather it means "a production environment" meaning "in use by an end user who 
isn't a developer...."

Of course developers can use the PE to develop code, that's the very point of 
making it free to developers.

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The contractual obligations between a employee, contractor and software
endor differ.
I always abide by the contractual obligations.
I have no issues with group collaborations. But I would not use U2 or a PICK
erivative for such a project as I can not legally obtain a licensed copy of
2 (not that I have contacted Rocket to purchase a license). The Personal
ditions have a strict license which does not include production; which I
ould have thought that a group collaboration project would full under.

WJhonson wrote:
 You don't believe in group collaboration?
 My client is the end user, not the vendor.

Learn and Do
xcel and Share

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