Hi Tony
I partly agree with you.  But I should be able to process xml data in UniVerse 
far simpler than at the moment.  I should not have to read xml in one 
application, convert it to a dynamic string and then send it to 
universe/unidata, I should just be able to do it one step.   This is a failing 
of Rocket to provide suitable interfaces to unibasic.

David Jordan

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From: John Thompson
> This is where I think languages like php get it right. 
> Their simple XML stuff makes it simple to parse even the junk you may 
> get from somewhere else.

I've commented here and blogged on this topic a number of times.
I shake my head at the pain people continually subject themselves to when 
trying to force the square peg of XML into the round hole of Pick BASIC just 
because that's the comfort zone.  There are any number of other tools out there 
specifically designed to work with XML.  If you go to many other forums, 
developers aren't focused on the XML processing.  They deftly convert to/from 
XML (and JSON) without a problem, and their questions are largely focused on 
what to do with the data.  MV professionals need to shift focus from doing 
everything within the MVDBMS to making the best use of all tools available and 
integrating the MVDBMS with whatever utility does the job that's required.  At 
the core of it, even when using external tools we convert XML to "something"
and that "something" ultimately needs to be saved in an MV structure.  
(Similarly for outbound XML.)  But if you're focused on namespaces and 
attributes then the tools you're using aren't providing adequate abstraction 
from the XML, and you might want to consider tools that convert XML to 
"something else" which is easier for you to use.

> The reality is, that there are a lot of sites and places out there 
> that will send you all kinds of xml, and I found that since I was not 
> proficient at "massaging" those "non-standard" feeds into what the
> U2 xml tools wanted, I just found it easier to do it another way.

Whoe - stop right there.  I tend to angle away from DBMS-oriented tools for 
processing XML, but in all fairness we can't expect any tool to behave properly 
if the data doesn't conform to standards.
No, I haven't seen "a lot of sites" sending "all kinds of XML"
that is "non-standard".  If you have a trading partner that doesn't produce or 
consume industry-standard documents, you need to talk with their IT people, and 
escallate to management on both sides if you're not getting cooperation.

Respectfully, I'm guessing you're just not familiar with some of the details of 
XML, and when the U2 tools don't seem to address one of those details I'm 
guessing you're considering the document to be non-standard rather than the U2 
tools.  Again, in all fairness to the U2 team, I'm guessing this is a 
documentation issue or some lack of understanding along the way rather than any 
entity being non-standard.  If indeed the U2 tools aren't providing standard 
functionality, well, see paragraph 1 above.

Good luck.

Tony Gravagno
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