Yea, well when I installed the xAdmin product it didn't do most things UniAdmin did. So I had to keep the old UniAdmin in order to manage U2 servers. Not sure what xAdmin does now but it was pretty useless back in June of 2011. :-(


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I thought the new "U2 DB Tools" includes the extensible admin tool, built on 

I have downloaded the package but not installed to confirm.

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I am re-installing Universe and Unidata from scratch with the very latest 

The latest (?) Universe installation guide (October 2010 for v11.1) says "The 
UniVerse Clients CD-ROM contains the following client software for use with Windows 
servers."  The most recent (?) client and DBTools downloads from Rocket don't seem 
to include UniAdmin:

So where is it these days for Universe and Unidata?


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