When I had to install U2 (Unidata stuff) after some years of not using on a
Win7 machine (although it's not specifically related to Win7) I tried to
install some stuff under the traditional C:\Program Files (x86) instead of
the default c:\u2 and ran into the same issues Tony did.  In this day and
age  U2 needs start to understand "spaces" in paths, etc. and Windows
standards. I hate having to specify rogue program files outside the windows
standard location for such data (i.e. C:\Program Files [x86]\ in my backup
plan. [end rant].

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I'm providing notes about XAdmin since we're here.  Bottom line, it's
working fine.

I installed the DBTools but originally put them under:
C:\Program Files\Rocket Software\U2\U2Tools
The first startup failed, saying I should look for a log under
That log wasn't there. I suspect a W7 permissions issue and figured
this  is why the installer wanted to install under the c:\U2 directory
in the first place. But after so many years isn't it clear yet that
products should be installed under Program Files, not root, and that
should be written to %AppData% (different for W7/XP, etc)?

I uninstalled but the Program Files tree remained.  Apparently the
uninstall doesn't remove the JRE6 that it installed. OK, that's
another issue. First, why not mandate the JRE get installed into a
common location first? Second, if you're going to install software,
uninstall it too.

I put my second installation under C:\Databases\U2\U2Tools, since I
have all of my databases in that tree as well. On startup I did get
the XAdmin. Yay.

I created a Server reference and attempted to Connect, got error
39202. Recognized this as an RPC error and ... oops, I had shutdown
Universe. Start services, got connect. Yay.

On first connect got message that the Server programs are out-of-date
with option to update XTOOLSUB to v3.100.0.
Click OK. Wait. Nothing. Is something happening? Guess not. Move on.

Open Tasks/Network Services to change telnet/ssh ports (avoid
conflicts with other MV products). Change my Universe service to use
the new telnet port for debugging. Now set Windows Firewall to allow
the new ports. Connect in from outside. Yay!

I hope that helps someone (whether U2Tools developers or fellow

Tony Gravagno
Nebula Research and Development
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> From: Daniel McGrath
> Hi Tony,
> We are aware of the delta in functionality between UniAdmin and
> XAdmin. This delta is addressed in our upcoming U2 DBTools for which
> you won't have long to wait. For anyone using UniAdmin, I encourage
> you to keep a look out for this release and check out XAdmin.
> We are always looking for customer feedback on our products.
> Dan McGrath
> U2 Product Manager | Rocket Software

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