Hi Tony,

We are aware of the delta in functionality between UniAdmin and XAdmin. This 
delta is addressed in our upcoming U2 DBTools for which you won't have long to 
wait. For anyone using UniAdmin, I encourage you to keep a look out for this 
release and check out XAdmin.

We are always looking for customer feedback on our products.

Dan McGrath
U2 Product Manager | Rocket Software

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> From: Bill Haskett
> Yea, well when I installed the xAdmin product it didn't do most
> UniAdmin did.  So I had to keep the old UniAdmin in order to manage
> U2 servers.  Not sure what xAdmin does now but it was pretty useless 
> back in June of 2011.  :-(

I did see XAdmin in DBTools but didn't load it to see what it did.
(Not sure that deserves a forehead slap but I'll take it.) I don't see Eclipse 
as an application Deployment environment but as an app Development environment. 
So I figured it was something completely different.  (Note to Rocket 
engineering/marketing/doc people: you might want to get some feel for whether 
this is a common perception.)

I didn't know UniAdmin was withdrawn as soon as XAdmin was introduced.
Very few companies do that for exactly the reason Bill cited.

I have the original UniAdmin from my prior install media and the question is 

So now before I install, the questions are: 

How well does XAdmin replace UniAdmin?

How fast is Rocket working to bring back lost functionality?

Can XAdmin and UniAdmin be run in the same environment?

Is there any good resource for answers to these and related questions?
(Always looking to learn where to fish rather than asking for fish...)


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