Try "ls -li |grep inode#" in the directory where the file is likley to be or
"ls -liR / |grep inode#" to look everythere.
You may need root permissions to check some files.
NO warranty!
Don Robinson

From: Wjhonson <>
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 3:23 PM
Subject: [U2] Turn a device and inode into file name

Anyone have an easy way to do this?
In the past I've run a batch routine to just query each and every Universe file 
for it's inode and device and build a table of these

Every week....
Seems like a great amount of overkill to me.
You could also mod the CREATE-FILE command to sniff it and make an xref entry 
but ....

Any suggestions?
This is NOT for the case where you know the file and want to find the inode and 
It's for the case where you know the inode and device (only) and want to find 
the file.
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