Thanks to all who responded.
At the point in the programs where this is a problem for us, we know the user 
has a lock, we just want to release the lock. This will be done where they 
already have the option of aborting so no problem with partial updates, etc.
The only gotcha on this is if they type one character, the INPUTIF will wait 
forever on the Enter key but this isn't too likely.
The following code does this pretty well.
* Don Robinson
* Testing the INPUTIF statement.
ZZ = ''
TIME.OUT.TIME = INT(TIME()) + 10  ;* Wait 10 seconds.
   NAP 100
      CRT 'The user is sleeping....'
      STOP  ;* Do whatever you want here.
* User entered something, proceed as usual.
CRT 'User entered: ': ZZ

Don Robinson

From: Wjhonson <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 1:53 PM
Subject: Re: [U2] Detecting idle time in INPUT statement.

Right, you don't care if they are at input exactly.
You care if they are squatting on a lock.

So your periodic lock checker thingie, has to be combined with a nasty 
email-o-gram campaign
Until the users are well edumacated.

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Subject: Re: [U2] Detecting idle time in INPUT statement.

I guess you would need to merge this with the routine to detect who has locks 
pen (except running every two mins, not five)
  To determine who is sitting at an input prompt at a menu (which might be ok), 
s someone who is sitting at an input
  Prompt and hogging the locks!
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ent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 12:18 PM
ubject: Re: [U2] Detecting idle time in INPUT statement.

Timed* activity on a *line* is controlled by the O/S not within Universe per 
e.  Or at least you shouldn't expect Universe to keep you informed when lines 
re idle, natively.
So (being on AIX a type of Unix) you are going to need to write a 
onstantly-running background task which queries the last modified timestamp on 
he lines and reports on idle lines.  This is something controlled in AIX you 
now.  Not just the timestamps but the timeout conditions.
But *acting* on these in an automatic fashion would be quite dangerous to the 
ntegrity of your database, I'm sure you know.
his should be used for informational purposes only.  You get your reports, 
itch at the users involved, and gradually they learn to stop doing it.
That's the best approach, IMHO, having lived through this exact scenario in 

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ubject: [U2] Detecting idle time in INPUT statement.

ello all,
e are running Universe 10.1 on AIX with about 500 users. We have a problem with 
ers opening up a record which puts a lock on it and just letting it sit at the 
PUT statement for a long time.
ost of the locking within the application does not use the LOCKED clause so 
en a second person needs the locked record, their session waits.
hat is the best way to detect the user hasn't typed anything for a period of 
me, say 2 minutes? This needs to be simple as we have no desire to rewrite the 
IRC, some other MV systems have a timeout on the INPUT but I can't find 
ything about this in the UV manual.
on Robinson
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