I would say that the manual describes what the Locks do, but doesn't really 
give examples of *why* you would use, for example a file lock versus a record 
lock.  Not exactly.  Not like the "Joe is creating an invoice, and Carol wants 
to update a customer... " type example.

I think that's at what the OP was getting.

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Actually, Chapter 4 of the UniVerse Basic manual has quite a good treatment
n them.
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Even though It is a foundational concept for any multi-user database
anagement, several times in my career I have come across seasoned MV
rogrammers who do not understand the basics of readu locks  (let alone
elated topics like file locks, deadlocks, group locks, L-locks,
ransactions, optimistic/pessimistic, lock table, monitoring & configuring.)
Has anyone ever put that specific material into some kind of training
odule?  An article in Spectrum?  Infocus?  A conference session?
TIA for any leads,
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