As always, thanks Wally!

I see I was confused about the [Submit] button. It's normal state looks disabled; however, when I mouse-over the button it changes to a nice blue button. You'd think I'd be familiar with this kind of programming, considering I do stupid stuff all the time. :-)

Thanks again.


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The Rocket Customer Portal is up and running. And displays all brands, 
including U2.

Please email
Or call the same old 800 number and ask someone to help you get connected.

Wally Terhune
Technical Support Engineer
Rocket Software
4600 South Ulster Street, Suite 1100 **Denver, CO 80237 **USA
t: +1 720 475 8055 **e: **w:

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I have a client where I installed UD v7.3 on a new server in their domain.  
They use a VPN for external connectivity.  I've connected to their VPN and can 
do the following using my standard (domain) Windows

1)  Remote Desktop to the UD server,
2)  Log into UD on the designated telnet port,
3)  Telnet to the RDP port 31438.

I cannot, however, use the "Extensible Administration Tool" to access their UD 
server.  I get the following error:

Login Failed
"The combination of user name and password provided is incorrect."

I've tried logging in with the domain but nothing works.  Any ideas what 
security settings are preventing me from accessing the UD server.  The older 
UniAdmin tool doesn't work either.

Any ideas?


P.S.  When I go to the Rocket support site I can't access U2 support; I get a 
page with links to:

1)  Rocket Aldon,
2)  Rocket M204, and
3)  Rocket PASSPORT.

My credentials are filled in but the [Submit] button is disabled and I can't 
get it enabled; thus I can't access U2 support.  Any ideas here also?

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