On 05/11/12 12:36, Charlie Noah wrote:
> I do pretty well with a QWERTY keyboard, since I've been using one all
> my life, starting with an old Underwood typewriter. I don't think I want
> to try to learn the Dvorak keyboard at this point. I have enough
> frustrations in my life. :-) Thanks for the tip, though.
> Actually I did start playing the guitar again after my stroke. I did OK
> and can strum a little with my right hand, but I certainly won't win any
> awards. Can you play a guitar with just one hand?
I'd probably have major difficulty, but then I'm a classical guitarist -
which is why I'm a six-fingered typist. My left hand is fine, but I
hunt-n-peck with the first two fingers on my right hand.

But if you can strum, and manage the chord changes with the left hand,
it should certainly help. How much control do you have with right hand?
If you can manage to finger-pick it might help in lots of ways - then
again it might not. If you think you can do it, get an easy classical
guitar tutor and have a go.

Sorry to hear about the stroke though, I've much enjoyed the chatting on
the list(s) over the years, and it's not the news one wants to hear. I
can understand your frustrations, I'm a carer, and while I'm not looking
after someone who's had a stroke it's still easy to see how difficult it
is. It's so frustrating to have to teach my wife how to use her laptop -
things she knows how to do but doesn't know how to do. She'll know she
knew but she doesn't have a clue - and then it just comes back as if it
never went!

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