Hi Tony

SB+ used to have (don't know if it does still) wrappers for the old SB
screens, but they are really different animals and from what I dimly recall
the wrapper never really flowed right - mixing models. 

I used to have tools to take SB to uvCase - giving them an immediate Windows
GUI - and my current mvStudio product is mostly backward compatible with
uvCase (i.e. it's uvCase with multiple platforms and another 15 years'
lessons learned), so that might well be an option. I'd need to do some
digging, though - it's a while since I converted an oldtime SB system!

SB was never quite as adept at naval gazing as SB+, so it was in may ways a
cleaner conversion. The problem with getting anything out of SB+ is that it
constantly references itself and there is no separation between the logical
model and its implementation, so if you go beyond parsing out all the file
definitions and tools you just end up with another SB+. So an 80% conversion
is easy ..


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I'm still running across sites that have 1990's versions of SystemBuilder on
different DBMS platforms.

What's the latest wisdom on either migrating away from SB to another
cross-platform product, or the pain of migrating/upgrading to a current
UV/SB+ ?

I'm fully aware that DesignBais is very familiar looking to SB users but
there are no good conversion tools to get to that product.

I'm also aware of another product based in the UK that has excellent tools
for migrating From SB, but I don't like where they migrate To.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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