Ah, I recall Prime small mini-tower (under the desk) AT&T System V boxes too 
-the EXL 300 series which ran a re-branded version of UniVerse (PI/EXL I 

This was rolled out before the EXL 7000 series which were MIPS RISC/os based 
servers.   I vaguely recall Prime was looking at Silicon Graphics and Sequent 
(the latter was bought by IBM)

When PI/Open finally arrived it was great, but the loss of the Primos Batch 
subsystem and spooler was a bit of a culture shock and required some 
rewrites...Prime tried to port their Batch and Spooler products to UNIX (not 
that successfully as I recall!).

UV at the time was a giant step backwards for Prime INFORMATION users in many 
respects but the catch the fact it got you off very old, slow expensive 
hardware. :)  But even then they weren't cheap (by today's standards)... 

For those interested the demise of Prime/CV is documented in these links 
partially documented here:

I recall a story from some ex-Prime employees that ponder where Prime would be 
today...if only they purchased another company instead of Computervision...that 
company was Sun Microsystems... probably still in the same place! :)

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I think prime and vmark had done business together hence why the purchase -

 I remember back in 92/93  when we had a pair of prime 1920's (I think) running 
prime information, we then got a new prime unix box, that was actually a 
rebadged MIPS running Riscos,  they said at the time that PI+ the new version 
of Information for unix was not quite ready but they would supply universe 
version 1 for free while they finished it off.  Going from prime information to 
uv v1 was like taking a backward step, and we found a load of bugs in uv, esp 
with the locking tables, and deadlocks etc.  Anyway
we eventually got PI+   but I think it was just after that that Prime went
out of business, we also used the CAD software, so we took the
computervision CAD and ended up with PI+   but supplied by universe.

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On 27/04/13 05:26, Wjhonson wrote:
> Okay but let's just talk about 1990-1993 How did Computer Vision 
> exactly get its hands on Prime Information ?
> This happened *before* the final bankruptcy  of Prime?
> Or did somehow Prime sell or spin off Computer Vision with Prime
Information as well?

iirc they didn't. Computer Vision did a sort of reverse buyout, taking Prime's 
CAD business with it. INFORMATION was sold to Vmark, and the hardware business 
was sold to ?Pericom?

That might be why Pr1mos has ended up in copyright limbo. There was a "White 
Knight" involved in this, so I'm guessing that the breakup and sale was along 
the lines of "PI to Vmark, software to Computer Vision, and hardware and 
support to this other company". With the result that it wasn't clearly 
specified who got the copyrights to Pr1mos and now nobody can do much with it 
because they don't know who actually owns it...
> Enquiring minds want to know
Well, I might not be much good at enlightening, but I was around as a customer 
when it all happened ...


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