Prime Information was originally developed by Devcom I'm not sure what the name 
was at that time but I do know that Prime Computers bought them out and bought 
the rights from Pick to develop independently. Prime became a database 
powerhouse with the product at one time encompassing almost 50% of the database 
business in the US. From what I heard Vmark was a group of users of Prime 
Information that decided to go UNIX so they developed UniVerse borrowing much 
of the expertise from Prime to build a product that would ride on UNIX instead 
of Primos, Prime's operating system. They even took over some of the offices 
that Prime had on Speen Street. When Prime went under, don't ask why, at the 
end of the 80's, early 90's, Vmark bought Prime Information.

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> Subject: Re: [U2] History of Prime Information
> What is the origin of Prime Information?
> How did that come about?
> The histories I've seen so far about Prime focus almost exclusively in the 
> hardware.  Who developed Information ? Why did they make it "Pick" like ?  
> Where did they go ?
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