> From: Symeon Breen
> I have an application that is based in the UK, one of the things it
does is
> allow entry of a phone number, I then determine if this is a mobile
> phone) and send a text (easy in the uk as all mobiles begin with 07)
> We are embarking upon our first US client (well existing uk customer
> with a US presence) so my question is - how with US phone numbers
> can I determine if it is a cell phone ?

Symeon, I can confirm that you can't tell if a US number is a mobile.
I have another business where I use Pick as the backbone, and we
provide phone numbers, short code, bidirectional text/SMS (broadcast
outbound and process inbound requests), and related services
internationally - and it's all done with BASIC. In short, anyone can
port a land line number to a mobile, and transfer mobile numbers
amongst carriers to a point where you never really know anymore. This
is a good thing in a way, it's the same sort of "federation" that we
enjoy when we don't have to know the OS under a website, or the mail
server under an email address.

My suggestion would be not to try to be so smart. Just ask the user if
they want to provide a mobile number And if they want to opt-in to SMS
messages. You don't want to be one of those slimeballs that send text
messages without approval, and in some areas that might be illegal

Best to you,

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