Hi Symeon,

Interestingly we're facing a similar issue here in Oz whereby we're wanting to 
send certain activation codes to our overseas clients for security purposes.

Currently we're doing this for our local clients and apart from the odd "modem" 
failure, have no issues sending to domestic mobile numbers,  sending to 
international mobiles is proving to be a headache particularly with number 
validation and certainty of delivery as others have mentioned.

There is the cost associated with this too. Currently I think it is $0.50 per 
international SMS message and given that there's no guarantee of delivery 
success, the likelihood of repeated failed attempts is quite real.

Searching around for possible solutions we found these which may be of interest 
to you:

Firstly a possible regex solution to validate a number and the related 

And then there's this phone number validator:

I've only started playing with the regex this week so do not have a working 
solution yet and haven't really looked at the libphonenumber but it may be 
useful as a front end validation prior to storing the number in UV.

One other thing I've considered is to not implement mobile number validation at 
all. If the number is prefixed with a + then it would be considered an 
international destination. As long as the remainder of the number is all 
numeric I can send it to our SMS gateway and job is done.

We also have an alternative procedure/screen for customer service to use to 
circumvent the international SMS failures and edit/enable the related functions 
for those clients overseas.


Peter Cheney

Universe Engineer

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I have an application that is based in the UK, one of the things it does is
allow entry of a phone number, I then determine if this is a mobile (cell
phone) and send a text (easy in the uk as all mobiles begin with 07)

We are embarking upon our first US client (well existing uk customer with a
US presence) so my question is - how with US phone numbers can I determine
if it is a cell phone ?



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