Yes, Chuck a typo in the release number and much less capable than SQL style a backwards step too. But far less overhead and drama to 

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DEBUG or RAID with them? Was: Universe Triggers

Thanks to a fellow u2-list member who mailed me privately.
I think David Hona was maybe thinking of that,  but it's available at 11.1, not 


On 8/5/2013 6:23 PM, Perry Taylor wrote:
> Rocket added an @variable (don't recall the name of it) that tells which call 
> is being made.
> Perry
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> using DEBUG or RAID with them? Was: Universe Triggers
> David,
> I didn't understand your 1st clause, "Now that (from UV10.1) 
> Index-based triggers are officially supported,...".
> By "index-based triggers",  I assume you mean the trick of indexing an 
> I-descriptor that calls a subroutine that updates some other file, 
> which is generally not the sort of thing you expect such a subroutine to do.
> What is this "official support"?  Did I miss an announcement, a change 
> in the documentation, or a whitepaper?
> And  by "support"  -  just to get my hopes up beyond all reason - does 
> that mean they've introduced some mechanism (@variable?) to help 
> distinguish among calls of the subroutine for insert (where indexing 
> calls the subroutine once, to find the new value to index) delete 
> (where indexing calls the subroutine 1x, to find the value to delete), 
> and change (where indexing calls the subroutine 2x, once with the old 
> version of the record, once with the new, to see whether the indexed 
> value has changed and, if so,  what to delete, what to add.
> Distinguishing these has always been tricky for the general case.
> Hope springs eternal,
> Chuck
> On 8/1/2013 12:32 PM, Hona, David wrote:
>> Now that (from UV10.1) Index-based triggers are officially supported, can 
>> these replace your SQL-based triggers? These have less functionality and 
>> less overhead, but that's the price you have to pay....
>> Can't say I had a chance to try it for myself...yet...!
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>> Subject: [U2] [UV] Do you avoid TRIGGERS because of the difficulty 
>> using DEBUG or RAID with them? Was: Universe Triggers
>> How many people avoid using triggers BECAUSE of the virtual impossibility of 
>> using RAID with Triggers?
>> On 7/26/2013 12:33 PM, Phil Walker wrote:
>>> I won't be holding my breath Charles ;-)
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>>> re. triggers & Raid,  I could not agree with Phil more.  Well said.
>>> Come on, Rocket!
>>> On 7/19/2013 1:32 AM, Phil Walker wrote:
>>>> Ken,
>>>> I am glad you raised the issue about debugging a program with a file which 
>>>> has a trigger attached. I have been on to UV (Vmark/Ardent/IBM/Rocket for 
>>>> ages about fixing this pushing for the ability to be able to step into the 
>>>> trigger code, but at a VERY MINIMUM being able to debug the program and 
>>>> perform the write on the file, and in effect step over the trigger 
>>>> subroutine and carry on debugging. The issue is the trigger subroutine 
>>>> cannot support input, so what UV have done is basically say you are using 
>>>> the debugger so you are inputting debug commands so you will abort. They 
>>>> need to turn this restriction off for debugging so that either of the 
>>>> above two scenarios is supported.
>>>> In a Microsoft world I can debug anything through the connected world of 
>>>> web/databases etc......
>>>> Have had no feedback from UV
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>>>> Dan,
>>>> In addition to the other responses you have received, I suggest the 
>>>> following:
>>>> 1. Have one master file trigger subroutine (globally catalogued) that 
>>>> calls subroutines (locally catalogued) tailored to individual files.  This 
>>>> means you don't have to stop and restart Universe when a new trigger is 
>>>> required or a change to an existing one.  If the master subroutine 
>>>> changes, you do have to restart Universe.
>>>> 2. Use a control record that records the subroutine name and state of the 
>>>> trigger for each file having a trigger.
>>>> 3. Use a program to change the state of a trigger, using the control 
>>>> records in 2 above.
>>>> 4. Make sure all background processes that have a file with a trigger open 
>>>> are logged out when recompiling the subroutine for that file trigger.
>>>> 5. Remember that you can't do anything to a file with an active trigger 
>>>> whilst in the RAID debugger (it will crash).  Rather, if you are testing a 
>>>> file trigger subroutine, drop the trigger and use a trigger testing 
>>>> program that calls the subroutine after taking a copy of the record being 
>>>> changed, pausing whilst you change it in another session, and then 
>>>> resuming, calling the subroutine.
>>>> If you would like samples of any of the software mentioned above, let me 
>>>> know, and I can send them to you.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Ken Ford
>>>> Universe Software Developer
>>>> t 07 3013 8605 | f 07 3002 8400
>>>> e | w

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