Can you open the ".csv" file (the Windows File item within the Windows Directory) with a text editor? Does it look like text? Is there a sub-directory within this directory? Are the permissions of this ".csv" file the same as the rest of the items within the directory? You're not getting that stupid "desktop.ini" item within the directory, are you?

Just a few thoughts.


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*Date:* 5/6/2014 10:04 AM
*Subject:* [U2] [Universe] [Windows]
Running Universe 11.1.9 Information flavor on top of Windows

A process which has been running for months, has suddenly decided that it has a 
"Fatal Error" !

When I debug it further, I get this symptom.

In a Universe BASIC program, I can OPEN the file (a type 1 directory)
I can SELECT the elements in the file (perfect)
I can READNEXT each element (perfect so far)

When I try to READ one of these items (windows files) I get in the ON ERROR 
clause the error set to 40070

What has occurred?  Who has messed with what? How do I fix it?


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