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I like this idea.
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You may find contacting them again isn't the annoyance you expect. People tend to get annoyed if they think they're dealing with a computer. Get a genuine person get back to them and say "yes, we're trying to fix this for you", and you've just turned someone from being anti into being a prospective customer.
Anyways, my take (to save on all this CASEing ...) - I'd use MATREAD rather than Matt's choice of READ, and ... can you preprocess on the basis of, say, zip code? Have an MV file containing all the records you want excluded or matchcodes thereof.
Let's say, John Smith of AB12345 contacts you and says "take me off your list". You check, and his record has the correct zip code in the CSV. So you edit your MV file, and discover that Will Carling also told you to take him off some while back.
-----: P
-----: I *JOHN*SMITH*
00002: *JOHN*SMITH*
-----: FI
So now, when you're processing your CSV, from each record you can do
extract zip code
read zip-code-record from EXCLUDEFILE else record is okay
if record matches LOWER(zip-code-record) else record is okay
get next record
Gets rid of reams of case statements, saves you having to rewrite the program every time, and is fast because most records will be validated on a single (failed) MV read.

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But when the info is mailed in or emailed in or left on
a voice mail, that's when we run into not having the
best data to go with. Calling/emailing/mailing them
back usually just increases the annoyance level on
their end, since we are contacting them Again..


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