I tried to compile this and found errors.
1. line 121 missing a ")", I stuck it just before the THEN
2. line 68 truncated. I added "E[N +1,1] = "N" THEN SILENT = 1"

I moved back to lesser URL and found description in "C" code to help with above. These 
writers are aware of the truncations etc. The code in basic was put up UNCHANGED then 
they worked the "C" code with described algorithms.

I then switched the variables in subroutine call statement at line 1 (METAPH, NAME)
I then created a "I" descriptor  SUBR("MTAPHON", LNAME)
Viewed the items
Created and build and index in MTAPHON field.
I seems to work even with my "bad fix".

then I experimented by changing "4" to "6" in line 23

Rich Sias, DBA
Keystone Mercy Health Plan

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soundex is pathetic - nowadays, metaphone is much better.

if you're feeling perl'ish


has an interesting discussion of using several approximate methods for
identifying records by name.  it even discusses the betty/elizabeth,
jack/john problem...  looks slow so you would probably have to cache the
results. c'mon there must be *something* unique in the file they send!

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 14:32, George Gallen wrote:
> I thought of that, but soundex only works on the first three letters, if
> I remember correctly.
> or it only encodes the first three letters, then remaining are
> unchanged.

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