Procs are definitely a subject that will start a good debate.   I don't
think Procs offer any performance advantage at all.   It does offer the
ability to do things that are possible in paragraphs like PROCWRITES.   That
said,  I personally have never been a fan of procs.

I started out in the Pick marketplace as a programmer for a software company
that had an R83 Pick based manf package and was just moving to Prime
Information (yes, way back when dinosaurs ran wild).  I had to opportunity
to work on both coming from a neutral background.   My reaction to Pick with
the cryptic Procs over Information with it's online help and command stacker
was you'd have to have some fascination with pain to prefer Pick.   

I am no fan of proc.  I consider it a necessary skillset to support a few
systems.  Never would use it on Universe if I wasn't forced to.

My 2 cents.

Mike R.

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I am accustomed to using paragraphs.  Some systems I work on rely on Procs
for almost every task.  The ProVerb guide mentions that Procs "...are a
bridge from a Pick system to UniVerse, allowing those of you with Pick
backgrounds to port Pick applications to UniVerse..." and "...ProVerb is a
good tool for minor programming tasks...".

Is there a performance advantage to using one or the other? I realize this
might be a touchy topic but it's one I've been wondering about for some
time.  the ProVerb manual makes it sound like procs were a migration tool of

L. Slingford
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