Sorry for shouting here, but I noticed the OP said he was currently running UV/SCO, and wanted to switch to UV/NT.
So, with the very important caveat that "can UV 10 cope with UV 7 data?", all he needs do is an os-level copy of the data file from one system to the other. It REALLY IS that simple. I'm running UV9/NT, UV9/SCO, and UV10/linux. *ALL* the data files are binary compatible across all three systems!
Couple of notes for the OP (and others :-)
1) OP is short for "original poster"
2) fnuxi is for converting between endian-ness. You do not need it when moving between processors that are the same endian, so going from SCO (intel) to NT (intel) is fine. The OS is irrelevant as to whether you need fnuxi. You would need fnuxi to go between UV/linux and UV/linux if one was on Intel and the other on z800/power.
3) UniData and UniVerse are two different products made (originally) by two different companies. The OP only has UV so UD is irrelevant here :-)

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I have done this a number of times and all I did was use the fnuxi command in uv/bin directory.
(1) Copy Unix accounts to the windows server.
(2) Enter following command in the directory containing the unix data at the Windows command prompt:
 dir/b | fnuxi
This  lists each file name and passes it to the fnuxi command to convert to the correct format for the Windows platform.

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Any pointers on what document explains how to move data from an old old UNIX U2 system to a new 10.0 Windows system?


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