afraid CTRL T isn't doing anything for me.

I'm not clear what exactly Dual session is about. I can click Compile, Catalog, or Run, and they work fine. However, the whole point of UniDebugger (from my perspective) is that it gives VB-like control over running code. I made some progress by changing the login script to only get to the unix shell. However, there is still some kind of hiccup where I click Step Into, then I have to click on the Dual Session and press Enter to make things move forward. Is there something I need to set differently?

David Beahm


I use UniDebugger in a UD6/SB5.2/Win2K system. However, I don't use it on
the "regular" SB code as that has to go through our version control s/w. I
use it on stand-alone (usually conversion) unibasic routines.

I use the host view when connecting/logging in until I get down to the
command line in the account I'm working in (not the TCL> prompt in SB). I
did script part of the login but I move around into various accounts so I
didn't do all of it. I've never tried the dual-session mode.

I found the easiest way to get "into" the debugger is to put a debug into
the program then compile and run it from the UniDebugger menu. Then it will
stop at the debug statement and you can do all of the "steps" to move around
the code, put variables into the watch stack etc.

Hopefully, this will get you a little farther...

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