Check what your stty is set to for "intr"....

stty -a | grep intr                               
intr = ^t; quit = ^|; erase = ^h; kill = ^u;

Of course, this also assumes the focus is on the Terminal Emulator window as oppose to 
the code window.

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   afraid CTRL T isn't doing anything for me.

   I'm not clear what exactly Dual session is about.  I can click 
Compile, Catalog, or Run, and they work fine.  However, the whole point 
of UniDebugger (from my perspective) is that it gives VB-like control 
over running code.  I made some progress by changing the login script to 
only get to the unix shell.  However, there is still some kind of hiccup 
where I click Step Into, then I have to click on the Dual Session and 
press Enter to make things move forward.  Is there something I need to 
set differently?

David Beahm

> David;
> I use UniDebugger in a UD6/SB5.2/Win2K system. However, I don't use it on
> the "regular" SB code as that has to go through our version control s/w. I
> use it on stand-alone (usually conversion) unibasic routines. 
> I use the host view when connecting/logging in until I get down to the
> command line in the account I'm working in (not the TCL> prompt in SB). I
> did script part of the login but I move around into various accounts so I
> didn't do all of it. I've never tried the dual-session mode. 
> I found the easiest way to get "into" the debugger is to put a debug into
> the program then compile and run it from the UniDebugger menu. Then it will
> stop at the debug statement and you can do all of the "steps" to move around
> the code, put variables into the watch stack etc. 
> Hopefully, this will get you a little farther...

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