Confused is definitely the word for it. I switched to ftp, but no change. Save / Compile / Catalog all work fine, I can see the commands in the host window. My version is 1.2.2, so maybe that's the clue I need. This is from our latest install CD, but maybe I'll grab a new PE version of the client disk.

David Beahm


It looks like it is getting a little confused. I've never had to use the
dual session option. Pressing <F8> steps through the code just fine for me.

After you get the "host" window logged in can you choose compile and have
the compile message show? I find it easiest to switch to "host" view
(<alt>+v 3) so you can read all of the messages. I'm not sure if there is
any difference when using uniobjects (as I couldn't get it to work as easily
as disk). Perhaps the uniobjects connection is causing the issues with dual
session. Can you use ftp?

I'm running UniDebugger 1.2.3


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