The "Digi One" series is useful for single device applications.  We're using a "Digi One SP" (single port) terminal server for a lone holdout who demands keeping an ancient serial terminal instead of using a networked PC.  There was a problem initially connecting to a Solaris system, but Digi worked with us and modified their firmware.


At 08:38 AM 2/5/2004, you wrote:
We are considering connecting a scale [used to weigh parts] having an RS-232 port to our HP Unix, UniVerse-based ERP system.
Digi appears to have the best unit to go from serial to ethernet.  While we do have an HP serial port "hub", I would rather not wire a serial home-run from the server to the scale.
Thus, I seek suggestions on voodoo to best make a connection between say UniBasic and/or UniObjects and a serial or ethernet device. 

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