> We use UniVerse/NT and SB+.  It seems redundant to have to login
> to UniVerse with a valid user and password, then choose an account, and
then login to
> SB+ with a user and password.

Sure does. SB won't change this I'm guessing because their licencing relies
on it.

> What options do we have to avoid this
> redundant entry.  Is there a way to pass the user's authentication
> information to UniVerse, or the Universe information to SB+? Thanks.

SB+ runs in "Pick" flavoured accounts, in UV the following applies. When you
log into an account the UV shell looks for the login process. This could be
a paragraph, proc or a basic program. The UV VOC login search hierarchy for
a pick flavoured account is: UserName, AccountName, LOGIN.

I would reckon the best way to set up the user login, would be at either the
AccountName or LOGIN entry level (rather than having to maintain user
entries). You could probably get away with setting everyones password to the
same thing (and relying solely on unix passwords for security) - dependant
on the strictures of your company security policy.

The SB.LOGIN verb can take user name and password as command line entries so
you don't have to data stack them. Maybe a program that did something like

program LOGIN
*... do any account initialisation setups
* eg if @tty = 'phantom' ...
* log into SB+
chain 'SB.LOGIN ':@account:',DummyPassword'

Unfortunately SB.LOGIN command line doesn't take terminal emulator entries,
so if you have an ASK prompt for the users emulator then you will have to
data stack the command.

data @account,'DummyPassword','TU.VT220.GUI'
chain 'SB.LOGIN'

Stuart Boydell

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