One of the prior concerns that R. Bruce Lunt raised was about security - if
you set all the SB+ passwords to be the same, you lose that.

However, i'd like to add that if you've got users who do not have access to
TCL; do not have access to a unix shell; and in effect, once they login can
only do things from menu's programmed for them, then this is not an issue.

At our site our users login under their own names at unix. All normal users
share the same profile which is basically "exec <uv path> uv SETUP" where
SETUP is our own program.

And the purpose of exec is so that when the user finally reaches the last
"END" statement in the chain of programs he runs, not only will the universe
session terminate but also the unix session will too.

Therefore, no access to TCL, no access to unix shell - does it really matter
what the password to SB+ is ? A user won't have an option as to which name
they login as - it will be provided from unix ?

Their profile could look like "cd <sb directory> ; exec <uv path> uv", and
if VOC entries with DATA statements are present for the upper case version
of the user name, all should be well ?

This only applies however to normal users. For development staff who do have
access to TCL, yes it does allow them to login to SB+ under someone else's
name - but then, you've always got ED to hand edit files without using SB+
screens anyway - and that's another kettle of fish.

I've written the above from a unix point of view - I don't know how you'd go
about doing similar with NT but i'm sure it can be achieved.

My .02

Andrew Gissing

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