I we have been given the task of redesigning our existing software to
handle multiple currencies.  This means that at any time on the screen you
could switch from USD to EUR, or USD to SGD (Singapore dollar) and back

i was thinking of using FUNCTION. </SNIP>

I'd be looking for a lot more detail on requirement before expressing an
opinion on implementation.
What sort of system ? Accounting requirements ? etc

For eg, think of a foreign news report quoting $10bn (= £6bn UK) - obviously
needs an exchange rate but the precise rate doesn't matter. If your system
just handles information like that then a simple solution would work

On the other hand if you've got a transaction based system, suppose you
issue a quote in local currency, the order may not come in for a month, when
it does which rate do you use ? quoted or today's ?

If you issue an invoice do you use local or base (US $) currency ? do you
accept payment in local or base currency ? if there's any element of local
then you've got to consider how you handle rate changes between the time the
invoice is issued and the time it gets paid, and what you do with the money
you've made or lost.

Any true "multi-currency" accounting system is going to have to store base
amount plus currency and exchange rate (or local amount) on all transactions
(or timestamp them and keep a full history of applicable rates to

my 2 pence ( = 3.8 cents today)


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