$72 per user? That's CHEAP!

We pay IBM direct 60 per user. At current exchange rates, that's about $110. In 
mitigation, though, sterling has been rising markedly of late - not that long ago 60 
would have been about $72.


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Our VAR just sent our UniVerse support bill for next year.  We are running UniVerse on Windows 2000 Sever.
It is $72/user license.  With 60 licenses, that is $4320,  plus the windows support at 

We used them for some support over the year, but mostly it was related to their 
installation of UV on the server prior to shipping it to us.  We're located on the 
west coast and their support was in the east coast of the US. 
  So, sometimes their support was slow in responding.

They are not our software vendor, they just sold us the server and UniVerse.

What are my options?
Can we purchase support directly from IBM?

Any ideas?

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