To add a little more insight to the issue of support...
I agree with Trevor in that support is like insurance, however the true
benefit of support is far more than is obvious in the short-term.

What support means is that:
1. The end user can get answers today.
2. The vendor is assured of a continuing revenue stream.
3. The end user will continue to get answers tomorrow and in the future.

Because of the continuing revenue stream to the vendor
a) The vendor will be able to remain in business
b) The vendor will continue to employ people in support
c) The vendor will continue to spend money on R&D and improve the products
you are using.
d) Documentation writers will continue to get paid and continue to update
the knowledge base.

While IBM is certainly big league in terms of size and resources, their
commitment to this market would likely wither if there were not a future for
their business model.

Lee Bacall
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