As others have responded, UV support is a GOOD idea - and a relatively cheap "no 
brainer" option.

If you don't want to get ongoing support from your hardware vendor (somewhat 
understandable), why not approach your software vendor, or IBM directly, as these 2 
parties probably have a more active interest in "keeping you online"

Ross Ferris
Stamina Software
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>Sent: Friday, 20 February 2004 11:05 AM
>Subject: [UV] How much do you pay for support each year?
>Our VAR just sent our UniVerse support bill for next year.  We are running
>UniVerse on Windows 2000 Sever.
>It is $72/user license.  With 60 licenses, that is $4320,  plus the windows
>support at 865.00.
>We used them for some support over the year, but mostly it was related to
>their installation of UV on the server prior to shipping it to us.  We're
>located on the west coast and their support was in the east coast of the
>  So, sometimes their support was slow in responding.
>They are not our software vendor, they just sold us the server and
>What are my options?
>Can we purchase support directly from IBM?
>Any ideas?
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