> Doesn't an xterm by default emulate vt?
Not sure.  I will compare the infocmp output on the two and see.

> And what are you trying to do? I don't understand the question ...
For various historical reasons, we are currently using a hacked version of the wyse60 
emulation.  This works OK with our U2 app but fails on any other app that properly 
uses terminfo.  We could hack the terminfo as well but of course the correct thing to 
do is get our use of eumlations right.

As we are moving to Linux at the moment I thought I would take the opportunity to look 
at this and xterm and linux are common terminal types (Putty emulates an xterm).  What 
I would like is to have wintegrate correctly emulate either xterm or linux type 
terminals.  The way to do this would seem to create my own wit file but I was 
wondering if someone had already been down this road and would mind sharing.


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