> Yep, but the reason I said "I don't understand" was that wIntegrate is a
> terminal emulator. And xterm is a terminal emulator (well, near as
> dammit).
> Isn't it a bit daft to emulate an emulator? If you like wIntegrate, just
> run that in a wine box and tell the app you're using wIntegrate.

Ah I see.  Unless I mis-understand I meant the possibility of wintegrate emulating the 
xterm terminal emulation 

$ infocmp xterm | head -2
#       Reconstructed via infocmp from file: /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm
xterm|X11 terminal emulator,

As opposed to emulating the xterm program 
$ which xterm

Which also happens to use the xterm terminal emulation although IIRC some of the other 
versions of xterm such as the kde or gnome versions can also emulate a vt100 or 
possibly ansi (it's been a while since I looked).

> But if you want to know about writing wit files, I wrote the pt200/pt250
> files that shipped with wIntegrate 4. I guess they haven't altered since
> ... ask me and if I can remember I'll help with any problems.
Excellent - thanks.


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