Proving yet once again, your actual VOC file entries may vary - greatly!

Hence, why it's always important to periodically check out your VOC file,
or MD, and find out (& understand) what actually is in there, and why.

Customizations, or legacy leftovers, may no longer work if the account,
or application, has migrated between platforms and environments, or they
may just work by chance. Got to be careful though - and ensure the
application doesn't expect some custom item to be in your VOC/MD that
you think may not be required, only to find it is required for "something"
other to happen, or work.

When in doubt - consult the documentation! (Or write the documentation
yourself for those non-standard custom entries - so others how may tread
after you have some reasonable clue. ;^)

I know Prime INFORMATION used to have commands to help you go
through entire ACCOUNTS, and VOC files, and help identify other than
standard entries & items, (Clean.Account and VVOC, maybe?). Can't
recall if these migrated to UniVerse - but a quick consult of the
documentation should provide insight to these things as well.


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> On our UV 10.0.8 on a Sun box there is no "L" VOC entry.  "LD" is someones
> shortcut to LIST DICT.
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> One day, I stumbled across an interesting behavior; at TCL, if I type 'L',
> it results in my current SELECT list being cleared. You get an error
> message, but it does not seem to hurt anything. This is great, because I
> hate typing in CLEARSELECT.
> But ever since, I've been wondering what it's really doing. Turns out that
> 'L' is one of only two similar VOC entries, the other being 'LD'. It looks
> like this:
> 0001: V
> 0002: L
> 0003: PR
> The error message you get reads:
>   Unable to create new process.  Will try again.
>   Create Process failed (2).
> This is on NT. IIRC, on unix the message is different. Anybody know what
> this is doing, or if it is safe?
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