Instead of CLEARSELECT you could use CS it does the same,
this works on my system universe 9.5.1
and it looks like this :
4 lines long.

----: p
0001: V
0002: CS
0003: I
0004: BG

best regards from Denmark

Claus Derlien

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One day, I stumbled across an interesting behavior; at TCL, if I type 'L',
it results in my current SELECT list being cleared. You get an error
message, but it does not seem to hurt anything. This is great, because I
hate typing in CLEARSELECT.

But ever since, I've been wondering what it's really doing. Turns out that
'L' is one of only two similar VOC entries, the other being 'LD'. It looks
like this:

0001: V
0002: L
0003: PR

The error message you get reads:

  Unable to create new process.  Will try again.
  Create Process failed (2).

This is on NT. IIRC, on unix the message is different. Anybody know what
this is doing, or if it is safe?

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