You could also use a very handy and small bit of proc code hooked directly into your LOGIN entry or called from there:

001 PQ (or PQN)
002 M
003 Oyour_text_here+
004 IP #1
005 P
006 GO B

This code (M)arks an entry point, outputs whatever text you want while inhibiting any line feed, and waits for the user input, which is stored into the output buffer (IP #1) then executed (P), after which it loops back to the (M)ark point.

At 02:48 PM 03/08/2004, you wrote:
If it helps, I can assert with certainty that there is nothing in UniVerse that allows this.
It's easy enough to roll your own; a small BASIC program into which you trap your users.
CRT myprompt
INPUT command
WHILE command <> 'QUIT'
GOSUB processcommand
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> OK, I know about UVPROMPT, but it will only let you specify a single
> character.
> I work in numerous accounts, and it would be good if the LOGIN PA could
> change the prompt to have multiple characters so I can see which account I'm
> in. Believe me, all it takes is one mistake to leave a lasting impression.
> Anyone know of a way to use multiple chars for the prompt without writing my
> own shell?
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