Dear All:

One of my clients has a 40 user Alpha Micro native system that's in need of a 
migration. I want to migrate to D3/W2K. I've done a few and am comfortable supporting 
it remotely as a consultant instead of as an employee. While I welcome the possibility 
of going to 'nix U2 or NT U2, I want to focus on D3/W2K.

Has anyone had any experience converting from Alpha Micro to D3 or UD/UV and are there 
any pitfalls regarding incompatible source code. I can expect some slight differences 
in syntax but I'm looking to see if there's a major roadblock. I don't suspect 
anything beyond PQ proc but IIRC an earlier conversion from GA to AP-Pro brought with 
it some missing commands like SWAP and MAX.

Thanks in advance.
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